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How Does Online Training Work? 

  1. Initial consultation – You’ll tell me what you want to do, what you can and can’t do, and how badly you want to do it. That includes your answers to the application form below, and our phone or Skype chat. This will give me the information I need to design your program.

  2. Sign up – You’ll decide on the package that’s right for you, and join me on the next step of your journey. You’ll receive a welcome video via email, and details on how to download the all-important Smartphone application*. This is your own private portal to your training programs, nutrition information, mindset strategies and progress charts. You can also access all of your information via the Members Login page at

  3. Download the Smartphone app* and login – This is where you’ll see your training program, nutrition information and guidance, mindset strategies and other tasks I set for you. It’s where you can track your workouts and any assessments I ask you to do. Every exercise that I prescribe for you will be linked to an example video that you can watch at any time. You’ll never be left wondering what to do next.

  4. Stay in touch – You can contact me at any time via the Smartphone app*, or by writing to my own personal email address. For my ‘Deluxe Model’ clients, we’ll also touch base once a week via google hangouts Skype.

  5. Accountability – I’ll be supporting you every step of the way. When you enjoy milestone successes along the way, I’ll celebrate with you. If you fall off the wagon or veer off course, I’ll be there to pull you back into line.

(*You’ll also have access to your training programs, nutrition information, mindset strategies and other details via your tablet, laptop or desktop computer).

But here’s the thing, signing up for online coaching means you’ll get training programs, information, motivation, support and accountability. THE REST IS UP TO YOU. Seriously, if you’re not ready to consistently work up a sweat and eat healthy food, then save your money and do something else. But if you’re ready to get back in shape so you can keep up with the kids, fire up the spark with your partner, and get a kick out of what you see in the mirror every day, then it’s time to fill out the application form and get started on your health and fitness journey…